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Occupational disability Insurance

Occupational disability Insurance at a glance

Occupational disability insurance 

The causes of occupational disability are manifold can affect any person.

Statistically, one in four people will become unable to work at some point during his or her working life.

 becomes unable to work at some point during his or her working life. Accidents rarely lead to occupational disability. In more than 90 percent of cases, occupational disability has other causes. Even those who work in a supposedly "harmless" office job can become unable to work due to burnout or back problems, for example. Overall, illnesses of the psyche or the musculoskeletal system cause more than half of all cases of occupational disability.

  • Our benefits in the event of an emergency: We pay a 100% occupational disability pension from 50% occupational disability.

  • Even in the event of temporary illness: Occupational disability Insurance pays out from as little as 6 months' sick leave or in the event of certain types of cancer. 

  • For many life circumstances: Comprehensive adjustment options and increase options without a new health check.

  • Simply check pre-existing conditions digitally: With our QuickCheck, you can see directly whether they affect your contract.

  • Protected immediately: Can be taken out online - fully digitally, without paper forms. So you can get your personal protection today.

Reasons for Occupational disability 

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