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FinanXpats – your reliable Guide through the Financial and Insurance Landscape in Germany.

Navigating through the unfamiliar Financial & Insurance Landscape in Germany can be challenging.

 We are here to provide comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs as an Expat in Germany.

As your holistic service provider, we cover a wide range of finance and insurance matters, including Health Insurance, General Insurances, Investments, Pension, and Mortgages. 

Are you in the process of planning your move to Germany, have recently arrived, or have already established yourself here? FinanXpats is your Guide for efficiently managing your finances and insurance on every step – all provided digitally and at your convenience, completely free of charge. 

Let FinanXpats make your expat experience in Germany a seamless and financially secure one.

Fast & straigt forward processes 

English Advisory & Support

Support via video, phone & in person

Essential Insurances 

Health Insurance 

  • Public Health Insurance 

  • Private Health Insurance 

  • Dental supplementary

  • daily sickness allowance 

Pension Investment

  • Tax deductible Pension Planning 

  • saving plans into ETFs & mutual funds 

  • Vermögenswirksame Leistungen ( VL ) 

Loan & Mortgage

  • free use consumer loan 

  • home loan & mortgage 

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