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Liability Insurance

Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability insurance

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Personal liability insurance

Personal liability insurance covers you for property damage, personal injury and financial losses that you accidentally cause to third parties.

  • Personal injury, e.g. if you are riding your bike and injure someone through carelessness.

  • Property damage, e.g. if you accidentally lose your keys and the locking systems need to be renewed

  • Property damage, e.g. if you accidentally injure someone who is temporarily unable to work and suffers financial losses as a result

  • Damage caused by courtesy, e.g. if you help a friend move house free of charge and drop an expensive TV set in the process

  • damage to rented property, e.g. if you cause a crack in the sink in your rented apartment

  • Internet damage, e.g. if your USB stick infects another person's laptop with a virus and destroys it.

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