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Car Insurance

Car Insurance 

at a glance

What kind of car insurances are there?

The usual insurances for cars are motor vehicle liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung), which is mandatory and comprehensive insurance (partial or fully comprehensive), so called Teilkaskoversicherung & Vollkaskoversicherung. With individual modules, you can expand your damage protection as needed. 

To register your car, an eVB (elektronische Versicherungsbestätigung) is needed. 

Motor vehicle liability Insurance

Motor vehicle liability is required by law and pays if you damage other people's property or injure others with your car. Basic coverage protects you if third parties claim damages from you.


Your benefits with our Proposal

  • Motor liability offers higher sums insured than required by law

  • 100 million euros each for property damage and financial loss, 15 million euros for personal injury.

  • A Majorca policy is included in the liability coverage.

  • covers costs for personal damage are included up to 100.000€

Comprehensive insurance (partial or fully comprehensive)

Damage to your own car is covered. Partial coverage pays out, for example, in the event of car theft and damage caused by fire, roof avalanches, severe weather or animal bites.


Fully comprehensive insurance is particularly worthwhile for new cars and if you want to be fully covered. It includes all partial casco benefits. In addition, it covers vandalism and self-inflicted damage to your own vehicle.


Your benefits with our Proposal

  • Partial comprehensive covers you for damage caused by animals of all kinds.

  • Comprehensive cover also applies to damage caused by gross negligence.

  • In the event of theft or total loss of your new car, you receive compensation for the new value - in the Premium line even up to 36 months after registration of the car including GAP coverage.

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