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Expat Health Insurance Germany

Health Insurance

Unlock state of the art medical coverage accessible to all people in Germany, regardless of income, age, social standing, or personal health risks. Prioritizing individual well-being, Germany's dual health insurance system offers tailored solutions.


The German healthcare framework operates on a dual basis, allowing to choose between statutory health insurance (GKV) and private health insurance (PKV). 85% of Germany's population relies on statutory health insurance, and those covered by it have the option to extend their protection with private supplementary insurances.

Since the 2007 health reform, health insurance has become mandatory for all residents in Germany, marking a nearly universal compliance. Nevertheless, specific areas, including dental prostheses, preventive services, and visual aids, pose challenges within the statutory health insurance system. Understanding these limitations is crucial to consider filling these gaps with private health insurance or opting for supplementary coverage. Elevate your healthcare experience in Germany by exploring personalized insurance solutions to address specific needs effectively.

Statutory Health Insurance (GKV)

This is the compulsory health insurance system that covers the majority of Germans. Employees with an income below a certain threshold and some other specific groups are required to be part of the statutory health insurance system. Contributions to GKV are shared between employers and employees, and the benefits are standardized by law.

Private Health Insurance (PKV)

This is an alternative to statutory health insurance and is available for those who are not obligated to be part of the GKV system. Employees with incomes above 66.600€, self-employed individuals, civil servants, and certain other groups often choose private health insurance. In the private system, premiums are based on factors such as age, health condition, and the scope of coverage. Private health insurance offers a more individualized approach to healthcare coverage, with additional benefits and services.

Supplementary Dental Insurance

  • Without dental supplementary insurance, you often have to dig deep into your pockets when visiting the dentist. This is because your statutory health insurance (GKV) usually covers only a small part of the costs.

  • With the solid dental supplementary insurance you have a reason to smile. The plans with premium benefits cover up to 100 percent of the costs, reducing your out-of-pocket expenses for high-quality dental prosthetics and treatments.

  • In addition to services for professional teeth cleaning, the coverage includes teeth whitening as well as anxiety and pain elimination. Parents can especially profit of a coverage up to 3.000€ for orthodontic treatment.

  • Our plans provide immediate coverage without waiting periods.

Discover the perfect health insurance plan tailored to your needs with FinanXpats.

Having guided over 1.500 individuals in their insurance decisions, we understand the importance of a personalized approach. Your health insurance shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all solution; it should align with your unique plans, desires, and goals.

In a dynamic landscape where plans can evolve rapidly, preparation is key. Our flexible health insurance solutions empower you to adapt seamlessly to changes. With our expertise in navigating through more than 90 public health insurances and 40 private health insurances, we simplify the process for you.

Trust FinanXpats to be your guide through the complexities, ensuring you make informed choices for your well-being.

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