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Loan & Mortgage

Make your dream come true - regardless of whether you have a Blue Card, residence permit or citizenship. 

Haus mit Pool

Mortgage for buy or build

Your own four walls are the place where you feel at home. An oasis of calm, where the garden or balcony invite you to take a short vacation on sunny days. Where children can run around and good friends are welcome guests.

And that's not all. Your own home means security and independence in life and enables rent-free living in old age. We offer you long-term planning security for financing your dream home. And you can secure the current interest rates for the future and are therefore independent of interest rate trends.

  • Security: fixed interest rates until full repayment

  • Flexibility: special repayments of up to 5%, two repayment rate changes, early repayment right

  • State subsidies: low-interest loans from KfW and subsidies from BAFA

Personal loan, free of use 

As an expat living and working in Germany, the three most important factors that make you eligible for a personal loan are:


  • Residency status: Having a valid residency permit or blue card in Germany.

  • Employment and income: Demonstrating a stable job and a reliable source of income for at least 6 months

  • Credit history: A positive credit history & SCHUFA in Germany, showcasing responsible debt management.

In Germany, personal loans are considered "unrestricted loans," meaning there are no specific restrictions on how you can use the borrowed funds. You have the flexibility to utilize the loan amount for various personal purposes without disclosing the specific reason for the loan.

The maximum loan amount is typically capped at 80.000€ with a term of 120 months. Depending on your financial situation, various combinations are possible.

One of the highlights of these loans is the ability to repay the loan in part or in full at any time without incurring any penalty. This feature offers maximum flexibility, especially when your life plans change quickly and unpredictably.


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